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What is the difference between a medical mask and a living mask?

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      The repair function and the medical mask claimed by the living mask are completely two concepts. The repair function of the living mask often does not require clinical verification, and does not require special description of the ingredients. It only tells you that it is a certain repair essence, and the medical mask is repaired. Ingredients such as growth factor (EGF), hyaluronic acid, active collagen, etc. must be clinically recognized as safe and effective. The regular mask is not the same as the medical mask. The regular mask is not necessarily a safe mask. It is okay to stick a sticker in life. The facial mask cannot be attached to the skin wound. In addition, the medical mask has the effect of repairing the wound. .
What is a medical mask?

      Medical mask is a kind of mask belonging to the category of medical skin care products. It is between skin care products and medicines. It can reduce skin sensitivity for problem skin. As an auxiliary treatment for drugs, it can reduce irritation for healthy skin. The mask is not a medicine. It can be used regardless of the condition of the skin. It has four distinct differences from the normal mask. Don't mix it.

Method / Step

1.Sterile production
The medical mask is made of aseptic, including purification workshops, medical and raw materials, etc., and can directly use skin wounds, and our common life skin care products are not so strict in all aspects of the process.

2.Formula is streamlined and effective
The medical mask is simple in formula and does not add any non-efficient additives. Not only the raw materials are strictly screened, but also the safety and effectiveness of the products have been tested and clinically verified. The mechanism of action is clearer. The simple summary is: the ingredients are clear and targeted.

3.More professional
Before the medical mask is released, it will pass the clinical efficacy and safety of clinically verified products in many hospitals to ensure a certain auxiliary therapeutic effect on skin diseases. The dermatologist or pharmacy professionals recommend the corresponding products for personal skin conditions, and the professionalism is extremely high. And the vast majority of ordinary masks, customers can only "blindly buy" - just by web page or packaging to promote "check-in."

4.Clear efficacy and targeted
The medical mask divides the effect accurately, and the mechanism of action of the product components is clear. It has been confirmed by scientific experiments that different skin conditions can be repaired for different skin conditions. For example, before and after medical microsurgery, the skin is surfaced. There are wounds on the bottom layer. The use of medical masks containing growth factors (EGF), hyaluronic acid, active collagen and other ingredients can promote the healing of surgical wounds. Daily moisturizing is mainly composed of hyaluronic acid, collagen and other functional ingredients to achieve hydration. The dual function of locking water makes the skin close to the balance of water and oil. Kangmin repair is the main epidermal growth factor EGF, hyaluronic acid, active collagen and so on.