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The correct steps for skin care, are you doing the right thing?

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Step 1: Wash your face
Cleansing is the foundation of skin care. Wash the dirt with facial cleanser before skin can better absorb skin care products. The choice of facial cleanser is based on your skin type. Girls with dry skin can cleanse with amino acids. Girls with oily skin can cleanse with soap. For girls with sensitive skin, be sure to cleanse with mild and non-irritating amino acids! 

Step 2: Lotion
There are many types of lotions, and there are many names. Common ones are: firming water, toner, essence water, astringent water, high functional water, whitening water, toner, etc. Different water effects are different, so you can choose according to your skin type. This method of wiping the face with a cotton pad moisturizing lotion can play a secondary cleansing effect, and is suitable for girls with thicker cuticles and healthy skin. 

Step 3: Apply the muscle base
The main effects of the muscle base are: maintaining stability and helping the skin to better absorb other subsequent skin care products. 

Step 4: Apply eye serum
The effect of the eye essence is equivalent to giving the eyes a bottom, which can help the subsequent eye cream to be better absorbed by the skin. 

Step 5: Apply Facial Essence
There are many types of facial essences, such as whitening essence, anti-aging essence, full-effect essence, pure hydrating essence, blemish essence and so on. Everyone chooses the essence that suits them based on their skin type. 

Step 6: Apply eye cream
Eye cream only needs to be applied to the skin around the eyes. The amount of eye cream is not too much. Use two grains of rice. There are many types of eye creams, such as lifting, firming, anti-wrinkle, pure hydrating, lightening dark circles and so on. 

Step 7: Apply lotion/cream
Spring and summer, the weather is hotter than the lotion/cream, try to choose a little clearer, and the texture can be slightly thicker in autumn and winter. 

Step 8: Apply sunscreen
Sunscreen is the last step in skin care! Apply sunscreen every day, and you must apply sunscreen when you go out! Even if you are plain, you need to apply sunscreen! Don't be lazy. Sunscreen/Sunscreen/Sunscreen Spray, choose one to use.