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What happens after the skin barrier is damaged?

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      Due to the damage of the barrier, the skin surface loses its normal protective function and the skin moisture is lost, resulting in dry and desquamation of the skin;
      As the skin's skin barrier is damaged, the pathogens and irritants on the skin surface easily enter the skin through the damaged skin barrier, further causing skin inflammation, redness and swelling, and severe rash and exudation.

      After the damage, the blood vessels and nerve endings of the skin are highly reactive. When receiving external stimuli, they are prone to fever, itching, tingling and other discomforts, and severe rashes may occur.
      The skin is like a dam, and the body is a reservoir. The most important function of the skin is to let the water in the reservoir slip out at the right time and place - irrigating farmland or hydropower. For the skin, it is to maintain body temperature, control water loss, and produce vitamin D. When the skin is not good, it is a problem with this dam. The water content in the body is more than 70%.