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Aegle Medical,Inc.USA 
Aegle BeauteLab ∙ SINCE 1912
Focus on high-end medical skin care

In 2012, Ms. Aegle, the founder, was engaged in public welfare work in the environment of high pollution and high radiation in the United States for a long time, resulting in serious damage to the skin barrier. Many doctors tried to return without success Aegle Medical,Inc.USA.
Established in 1912, the Aegle Medical,Inc.USA specializes in the treatment of people suffering from skin damage caused by various special operations around the world. It was exactly one hundred years old.

The Aegle Medical,Inc.USA is composed of two dermatology doctors and a pharmacy doctor. The original repair products of the three experts are human skin repair components extracted from human cells, and the nano-level combination of active growth factors directly acts on Skin wounds can repair and treat almost all skin damage problems.
However, due to the complicated extraction process of raw materials and expensive products, it is only dedicated to public welfare centers.
After three months of treatment, Ms. Aegle recovered her skin condition and discussed the start of the product plan. I hope that this original ingredient can be used in medical skin care products to benefit more people.
After 7 years of research and development adjustments and 10 million clinical trials, the highest-standard medical laboratories have been established in the United States, Switzerland and Taiwan to collect trial reports of different races and skin types around the world. The patented “AiBL Cell Activating Factor” was officially patented, and the company created the American Aaron Group and created the Aegle BeauteLab brand. The exclusive repair ingredients will be used in the entire line of Aegle BeauteLab.
The base of the skin is determined by cells and genes. Aegle BeauteLab is the only skin care product in the world that can directly act on the muscle cells, and will bring a new chapter to the medical and skin care industry in China.